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New Opportunities with a New Calcium Catalyst 

One of the central challenges of the 21 century is the preservation of the natural resources of our planet for future generations. More than ever, scientists and engineers are in demand of advancing ecologically and economically sustainable processes. The development of chemical transformations, based on ecologically benign starting materials and catalysts, represents a valuable contribution.  

Even though they are highly sustainable metals, the catalytic activity of early main group metals such as lithium, potassium, magnesium and calcium remains hitherto almost unexplored. Our research focuses on the development of new organic reactions based upon the reactivity of these metals, to ultimately provide a valuable and sustainable alternative to transition metal catalysts. In addition, the unknown potential of these new catalysts might enable the development of totally new reaction pathways.

Our endeveour began with the investigation of the Lewis acidity of calcuim salts. To read more about the first Lewis acidic calcium catalyst and how we use it for more and more complex organic reactions follow the menue on the right.

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